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With our tailored video editing and production solutions, we help you narrate your brand story in the most compelling way, reaching your audience and inspiring them to act. Our expertise lies in understanding your brand, your mission, and your market, and transforming that understanding into powerful video content that resonates.

Don't just create content. Create a legacy. Inspire action. Partner with Pause Productions, and let's start writing your brand's next chapter together.


Basic Content Creation Retainer:

  • Monthly delivery of a set number of basic video content pieces (e.g., short promotional videos, social media clips, etc.).

  • Regular filming and editing services to maintain a consistent online presence.

  • Ideal for clients seeking ongoing content for social media or other digital platforms.


Advanced Video Marketing Retainer:

  • Comprehensive video marketing strategy development and execution.

  • Creation of a mix of content types, including promotional videos, educational content, and client testimonials.

  • Social media optimization and distribution strategy for maximum reach and engagement.

Image by Ryoji Iwata

Corporate Communication Retainer:

  • Regular production of internal corporate videos, such as training materials, employee updates, and company culture showcases.

  • Filming and editing services for external communication, including client testimonials, case studies, and industry insights.

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Event Coverage and Highlight Retainer:

  • Ongoing coverage of company events, product launches, or industry conferences.

  • Production of event highlight reels, interviews, and promotional videos.

  • Post-event editing and distribution for marketing and PR purposes.

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YouTube Channel Management Retainer:

  • Creation and optimization of content for a client's YouTube channel.

  • Regular video uploads, including vlogs, tutorials, and other content relevant to the client's target audience.

  • SEO optimization for increased visibility and subscriber growth.


Customized Creative Package Retainer:

  • Tailored retainer packages based on the unique needs and goals of the client.

  • Flexibility in the types of videos produced, such as commercials, brand stories, or product demonstrations.

  • A combination of filming, editing, and post-production services as required.

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