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About Pause Post Productions

Revolution is on the agenda. And you’re invited.

Our goal is to create content for brands like you. The change-makers who see the potential for a better world.

We are a post production house. The term content is broadly defined and constantly changing. Video content is the creative medium of our time, and as a brand you are a content creator with a voice. It’s time to be heard.

Being filmmakers and storytellers, we see things from a unique perspective. We want to tell your story in a way that is captivating, engaging and authentic.

We connect through experience. Let’s make films that create conversations about passion and change between your brand and the people who are involved in your story.

Let’s tell human truths, insights and stories. We are connected in more ways than just our humanity. We can showcase the connection of our collected spirit and drive for innovation.

When people are given a chance to speak from their hearts and share their ideas; new insights are heard, perspectives are broadened and inspiration is found. This is the transformative power of film.

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