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We create VIDEOS that makes PAUSE and stop scrolling. Our goal is to create FILMS for brands like you. The change-makers who see the potential for a better world.


We are a post production house. The term content is broadly defined and constantly changing. VIDEO CONTENT is the creative medium of our time. Your brand is a CREATOR with a voice. It’s time to be heard

Being filmmakers and storytellers, we see things from a unique perspective. We want to tell your story in a way that is captivating, engaging and authentic. We connect through EXPERIENCE. We create conversations about PURPOSE.  People are at the heart of every piece of communication we as marketers create. Where INSPIRATION is found, worlds transform.

This ignites CHANGE. This is the power of FILM.


Let’s make content that create conversations about PASSION and change between your brand and the people who are involved in your STORY.

Let’s tell the HUMAN TRUTHS.

Pause Post Productions approaches each project with the highest level of quality. With a focus on transformative social visions, we’re always striving to create engaging content that invites people into the STORY OF YOUR BRAND.

  • 1 hr
    Starting R1500 a day

  • 1 hr
    Starting R3000 a day

  • 1 hr
    Starting R2500 a day

  • 1 hr
    Starting R1500 a day

  • 1 hr
    Starting R2000 a day

  • 1 hr
    Starting R2000 a day

Using Pause Productions was the easiest decision we made to broaden our social + creative content! They went out of their way to accommodate our vision and delivery was quick + efficient. The result was incredibly well received by our audience and we would definitely recommend them!

Max + Nats, Owners of Bod the Brand

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